Supernatural Gold Dust On My Chair

This is a video of gold dust that I found all over my chair after the Gateway Church “Encounter service” Sunday night, September 20th. To me it is a supernatural manifestation of “gold” that God deposited in me personally, but more importantly, Gateway corporately. There was only 1 other time where gold dust has shown up on my chair – and it happened on a night of great personal and corporate awakening (@ Bethel Church in Redding, CA – Bill Johnson’s church)

This particular Encounter service, Sunday night, I had a powerful encounter with the Lord… He showed me that there were questions that I had in my spirit, but was unwilling to ask for fear of the answer that I didn’t want from Him. He said, “Trust me and know that my answer is in your best interest.” Right after this happened, the worship leader, Tim Sheppard says “I just see these question marks over some people’s heads in here – and I feel like you have questions of the Lord and that He says that He has the answers for you.”
I started crying – of course… Shortly after, Pastor of prayer & intercession, Mary Jo Pierce got up and began to “breathe fire” over the congregation with her prophetic prayer and declaration of Gateway being a House of Prayer – Isaiah 56.

Hope this encourages your faith and confirms the work that God is doing in the church at large! I shy away from anything that is “hokey” or “flaky” (unless it’s gold flakes – haha) – and I would only post something like this because I truly felt like it was genuine and should be shared for an intentional purpose.

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May we continue to see heaven’s manifestations here on earth and in the church!

–Daniel Elliott

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