Slipped Disc Example

Being Healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis

We received this encouraging testimony:

This is a testimony of how my wife and I were healed by God through you and how, with my daughter, as a family we have come together in God.

My daughter, Grace Colledge, is graduating from your first year tomorrow, May 16th, and will be coming back for second year.

A month ago, I came to Bethel to visit her from our home in England and experience something of the joy and knowledge that she was experiencing at Bethel.

I also came with the hope that I may be healed of a slipped disc in my spine and my wife, Heather Colledge, may be healed from the terrible disease of rheumatoid arthritis that she had suffered from since age 27. Heather was too ill to travel to Bethel from England with me.

Slipped Disc Example

At one of the Friday night services at Bethel, my slipped disc was healed. I can now bend and run, which I haven’t been able to do for 8 years.

At the Bethel Healing Rooms next morning (Saturday) some other areas of my body that were linked to years of a slipped disc were also healed. My wife Heather’s arthritis was also prayed for by the healing team.

When I arrived back home in England, the arthritis began to slowly leave her.

She then contacted the Healing Rooms directly through Skype, and at that session her body became dramatically more flexible. Pain and stiffness left her. The swelling in her legs decreased, and she was able to open out her fingers more than she had for many years. She now walks with a straight back.

Witnessing God working this way through our family has created a bond between my wife, my daughter and myself that goes beyond mere family ties.

I wanted to thank everyone at Bethel, and of course Bill Johnson, for having the faith and courage to create such magnificence at Bethel, despite all the negative reactions that you must have experienced to build such a transforming organization.

First published on the website of Bethel Church, Redding, CA.
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